What To Do When You Back Is Against The Wall

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Has life given you your ultimatum yet?

You know, the kind of ultimatum that says follow your dream or it may never happen if you stay in the old pattern.

If you haven’t gotten there yet, just know we all do. In this lifetime we are here to get the lessons we need to get so we can step into our greatest energetic imprint.

So that new position, new idea or new business you have been begging to get started on. Just know that the big man upstairs knows you want in on that too.

You should probably get started and start taking baby steps toward that in some way shape or form. You don’t have to take the big leap, but I would highly recommend taking baby steps toward it.

However, If you can take the leap and jump just know that is usually is never as big of a risk as you think it is. We make it a big risk because we focus on it so much and what we focus on expands.

What happens when you take risks and have your back against the wall?

Tuesday’s Truth is simple when your back is against the wall, you have no choice but to find a way.

You have no choice but to ONLY have a singular focus from here on out.

In fact, I think you might be surprised as to what any human can do once their back is against that wall.

When you are forced to find a way, you find one!

We all have been in that position, one way or another and if we all have been there before, we can all do it again.

Tony Robbins says: “If you want to take the island you have to burn your boats!”

When you are ready to burn your boats, I am ready to help you see that the water is not as deep as you think it is.


Robert B. McGuinness

CEO / Founder of Soul-Venturer, LLC.

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