What Energy Level Am I?

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Energy is the unit of change.

If you put raw pizza dough in a brick oven it does not come out in the same form that it went in.

The energy of heat (thermodynamics) goes into the pizza and changes the structure and matter of that dough.

Energy is the unit of change that moves and shifts matter.

Energy is also the unit of change that will move and shift your life.

Dr. Donny Epstein says “If you want to live an extraordinary life, you must be operating with extraordinary energy”

So let’s ask the million dollar question here. What level of energy have you been working with so far?

I would put a million dollars that the experience of life you are experiencing is directly related to the level of energy you have been working with.

Tuesday’s Truth is simple:

There are four categories of energetic buckets that we can label in regards to the kind of energy you can work with.

1. Divine Poor Energy – This is the category where you are essentially robbing people of their energy.

2. Divine Neutral Energy – This is the category where you are neither taking or giving others energy around you.

3. Divine Rich Energy – This is a category where you are giving more energy to your environment around you that is impactful and you start to see things slowly begin to manifest themselves.

4. Divine Super Rich Energy – This is the category where you are exploding with energy, where everyone around you can feel that there is something different about you. This is where you are manifesting the fastest. Secondarily, this is where your best performance (I call it our Divine Performance) will come from.

If you do not have the reality or the results in your business or work that you want chances are you are not working with the level of energy required for that result.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or high performer in some capacity this the level of energy you are working with has to come into play as a factor in your success.

The even better question to ask is what is preventing you from really reaching a state of Divine Super Energy Richness?

We will not always be operating with Divine Super Rich Energy 24/7 either, however, the question we want to ask is how can we take you from the level of where you are at to the next level?

When you are ready to take your energy and your businesses energy to the next level then I would love the opportunity to help you get there.

Click the link below to pick some time in my calendar for us to talk and ultimately see if we are a good fit to work together.


Robert McGuinness

CEO / Founder of Soul-Venturer, LLC.

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