How To Harness The Power Of The Masculine & Feminine Energy

The fact is we all have Masculine and Feminine energy in our body regardless of our sex or gender.

The fact is when you learn to really harness and hone in on those energies and get so deeply connected to them. Your life becomes an explosion of opportunity! Why?

Because the feminine and the masculine are the life force energies required to create more life. Required to bring more energy and abundance into the world.

The Masculine and Feminine interaction is a dance. A beautiful dance!

The masculine takes on and the feminine nurtures.

The feminine is there to be felt and received; if so the feminine will deliver the world to the masculine.

The masculine is there to protect and seek out if the masculine is nurtured the masculine will feel the feminine even further.

Regardless of the sexes, the roles each are playing are a huge part of giving and receiving to the other half so they each can receive even further from the other half.

Masculine gives to the feminine and as the feminine receives they are able to give even further back to the masculine.

Both are deeply rooted in each other and both need each other to be stronger together.
Masculines need to feel and receive their feminine and Feminines need to care and nurture their masculine.

How does this relate to you and your goals?

When you are fully connecting to both and really harnessing their energies when required you are tapping into the life force that is of all creation.


Robert B. McGuinness

CEO / Founder of Soul-Venturer, LLC.

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