Are You Disengaged From Your Job? Here Is Everything You Need To Know About the New Economy…

Do you feel disengaged from your job?

Do you feel like it just does not align with your purpose anymore?

Most American’s and millennial’s (I believe) are not fulfilled in their current roles.

According to an article posted by CBS News back in may of 2017, 51% of all Americans hate their jobs and are disengaged from it.

What does this really mean? I truly believe that there is a bigger trend that is leading to this statistic that is not really being addressed in our society right now.


Right now we are in the midst of a massive transition for humanity right now. I think this transition is a bit challenging, but once we are on the other side there will be a massive shift for all of us, that will be unlike anything we have ever seen.

The bigger transition and trend I believe that we are seeing is the dawn of a new economy. I believe this new economy is a reflection of a new era of human consciousness that is shifting and taking place. In this new economy, here is what I believe we will see.

  • We are going to see more utilization of automation, robots and simple tasked jobs gone. That is already happening.
  • From more automation we will see new ways people are working, you are seeing more remote employees now than ever before. You are seeing more side hustles, side projects and other forms of income that the average person will take on.
  • There will be new currencies that will emerge; cryptocurrencies are emerging in growth as of the past 3 years.
  • More and more people will continue the process of awakening to what is really happening inside of them, that they were meant for something more.

I believe these things will lead to an emergence of a few major roles that will have to take place in order for people to maintain their current living standards.

  • More people will have to become value creators in this new emerging economy. Those that will create value in the marketplace will be greatly rewarded for it. Those side hustles people are working, they will want to turn into their primary hustle.
  • This value creation standard in the new economy is going create an emergence and culture for entrepreneurship to rise even greater than it ever has before.
  • The rise of entrepreneurship training and development will rise even greater than it has.
  • More people are starting to see that they will be faced with a choice or a line in the sand if you will, that they can continue to work for someone in a role that isn’t aligned or they can venture into something that makes their soul come alive.

In other words, most people feel disengaged from their jobs because they lack purpose behind it. They feel the lack of purpose because now there are OPTIONS! Years ago we didn’t have as many options as we do now. So why not choose the most important option you will ever have… YOURSELF! Choosing yourself during the ripest time in human history to be able to.

Friday’s Facts are simple: You are living in the best era of human history right now! Now is the gold rush! Now is the time for you to work on yourself more than ever to begin living from your soul’s vision. There has never been a greater time in human history for you to start venturing out for that thing you have always wanted to do. This is the time to live from your soul and choose yourself and do that thing you have always wanted to do!!

Now is the time…







What Energy Level Am I?

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Energy is the unit of change.

If you put raw pizza dough in a brick oven it does not come out in the same form that it went in.

The energy of heat (thermodynamics) goes into the pizza and changes the structure and matter of that dough.

Energy is the unit of change that moves and shifts matter.

Energy is also the unit of change that will move and shift your life.

Dr. Donny Epstein says “If you want to live an extraordinary life, you must be operating with extraordinary energy”

So let’s ask the million dollar question here. What level of energy have you been working with so far?

I would put a million dollars that the experience of life you are experiencing is directly related to the level of energy you have been working with.

Tuesday’s Truth is simple:

There are four categories of energetic buckets that we can label in regards to the kind of energy you can work with.

1. Divine Poor Energy – This is the category where you are essentially robbing people of their energy.

2. Divine Neutral Energy – This is the category where you are neither taking or giving others energy around you.

3. Divine Rich Energy – This is a category where you are giving more energy to your environment around you that is impactful and you start to see things slowly begin to manifest themselves.

4. Divine Super Rich Energy – This is the category where you are exploding with energy, where everyone around you can feel that there is something different about you. This is where you are manifesting the fastest. Secondarily, this is where your best performance (I call it our Divine Performance) will come from.

If you do not have the reality or the results in your business or work that you want chances are you are not working with the level of energy required for that result.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or high performer in some capacity this the level of energy you are working with has to come into play as a factor in your success.

The even better question to ask is what is preventing you from really reaching a state of Divine Super Energy Richness?

We will not always be operating with Divine Super Rich Energy 24/7 either, however, the question we want to ask is how can we take you from the level of where you are at to the next level?

When you are ready to take your energy and your businesses energy to the next level then I would love the opportunity to help you get there.

Click the link below to pick some time in my calendar for us to talk and ultimately see if we are a good fit to work together.


Robert McGuinness

CEO / Founder of Soul-Venturer, LLC.

What To Do When You Back Is Against The Wall

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Has life given you your ultimatum yet?

You know, the kind of ultimatum that says follow your dream or it may never happen if you stay in the old pattern.

If you haven’t gotten there yet, just know we all do. In this lifetime we are here to get the lessons we need to get so we can step into our greatest energetic imprint.

So that new position, new idea or new business you have been begging to get started on. Just know that the big man upstairs knows you want in on that too.

You should probably get started and start taking baby steps toward that in some way shape or form. You don’t have to take the big leap, but I would highly recommend taking baby steps toward it.

However, If you can take the leap and jump just know that is usually is never as big of a risk as you think it is. We make it a big risk because we focus on it so much and what we focus on expands.

What happens when you take risks and have your back against the wall?

Tuesday’s Truth is simple when your back is against the wall, you have no choice but to find a way.

You have no choice but to ONLY have a singular focus from here on out.

In fact, I think you might be surprised as to what any human can do once their back is against that wall.

When you are forced to find a way, you find one!

We all have been in that position, one way or another and if we all have been there before, we can all do it again.

Tony Robbins says: “If you want to take the island you have to burn your boats!”

When you are ready to burn your boats, I am ready to help you see that the water is not as deep as you think it is.


Robert B. McGuinness

CEO / Founder of Soul-Venturer, LLC.

How To Harness The Power Of The Masculine & Feminine Energy

The fact is we all have Masculine and Feminine energy in our body regardless of our sex or gender.

The fact is when you learn to really harness and hone in on those energies and get so deeply connected to them. Your life becomes an explosion of opportunity! Why?

Because the feminine and the masculine are the life force energies required to create more life. Required to bring more energy and abundance into the world.

The Masculine and Feminine interaction is a dance. A beautiful dance!

The masculine takes on and the feminine nurtures.

The feminine is there to be felt and received; if so the feminine will deliver the world to the masculine.

The masculine is there to protect and seek out if the masculine is nurtured the masculine will feel the feminine even further.

Regardless of the sexes, the roles each are playing are a huge part of giving and receiving to the other half so they each can receive even further from the other half.

Masculine gives to the feminine and as the feminine receives they are able to give even further back to the masculine.

Both are deeply rooted in each other and both need each other to be stronger together.
Masculines need to feel and receive their feminine and Feminines need to care and nurture their masculine.

How does this relate to you and your goals?

When you are fully connecting to both and really harnessing their energies when required you are tapping into the life force that is of all creation.


Robert B. McGuinness

CEO / Founder of Soul-Venturer, LLC.

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